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Thank you so much for visiting Simply Filled. This is a place created for those who are seeking a more fulfilled life with God through simple living.

With the fast-paced world we live in, I have seen a huge need for people to find peace. No matter where you are at in life, welcoming God into every aspect of it can give you that peace you are looking for. I truly believe that God is the way to our most abundant life and our fullest heart. By simplifying our lives, we leave more room for Him. We are better able to see and hear Him guiding us once we rid our lives of excess. If you are eager to pursue God for a better and simpler life, I invite you to grab some coffee, slow down, and visit this blog anytime your heart desires!

Simply Filled | About | Cultivating Simply Filled | Christian Lifestyle Blogger


Cultivating Simply Filled

I have always been a Christian, as I was raised by two loving parents who took me to church every Sunday as a kid. Though I have always believed in  Christ, in the past few years I have felt a deep yearning to pursue Him more earnestly. I have felt there was something in particular He has planned for my life, and I have been eager to figure out what exactly that is. Discovering his purpose for my life has been a process, and I believe it is an ongoing journey for all of us throughout our lives.

Throughout my 20’s, I have pursued education and careers in the healthcare field. Focusing on both mental and physical health I have developed a wide-range of knowledge regarding improving one’s health. Always having known I wanted to pursue a career that would make a difference in people’s lives, I thought healthcare would be the best path for me to take. Throughout my studies and work in healthcare in nearly the past 10 years, I feel I have knowledge to share about how to help others live a better life.

However, writing is something that I have always felt called to do. Since I was a child I loved reading and writing. For the past few years, I have rediscovered and pursued these interests more regularly. I have found myself doing bible studies and reading books that guide and encourage me to pursue a life with Him. I also felt drawn to actively get to know Him better and develop a closer relationship with Him. I have come to realize that when we put God first and allow Him to work in every aspect of our lives, our lives undoubtedly improve in many ways.

I did not grow up living in the country, but in a town of 350 people it was definitely the country lifestyle. With this comes a slower-paced way of living and an appreciation for God’s beauty all around us, allowing us to really see and hear him better. Through much trial and error, self-reflection, and prayer I have created simply filled so others may be encouraged to live a better life by pursuing God and simple living.

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Simply Filled | About | Cultivating Simply Filled | Christian Lifestyle Blogger


My parents took us kids out fishing all the time when we were little, and I think this is where my love for the outdoors began (even though I fell in the lake when I was 3)!

I will eat nutella right out of the jar #noshame

I can play the piano upside down.

I love classic country music, especially some Merle Haggard!

I learned to deer hunt when I was 25, and got my first buck my first year out.

Chocolate and coffee-2 things I will not compromise.

And wine, did I mention wine?

It took 7 months after meeting before my husband and I went on our first date (I love telling that story).

I’m a sucker for a good corny joke.

I LOVE pasta and all things carbs.

Jesus lover, first and always.

I have a (possibly unhealthy) attachment to my chocolate lab, Bryan, and annoyingly post pictures of him frequently.

I’m super cheap. Seriously, the cd player in my jeep has been broken for 2 years because it’s not essential to the function of it, so why pay to get it fixed?

I’m an old-soul and appreciate all things vintage or old-fashioned.

My first concert ever was Destiney’s Child (and it was AWESOME)!

Miranda Lambert is seriously my girl.

I’m trying’ reeeeeal hard to learn to garden, and have failed miserably in the past at my green thumb (though I was a green hand in FFA in high school)!