Hi All!

I’m Kimberly (Kim, Kimbo, Kimmie, call me anything but don’t call me late for supper)! Thank you so much for stopping by my littler corner of the inter webs. I am a midwest girl who loves Jesus, old stuff, dogs, sugar, and really corny jokes (feel free to share anytime)! Since I was a kid, I have been passionate about creating a life that I love. My goal with this blog is to provide words of guidance, encouragement, and inspiration for those who know there is more to life than the hum-drum of daily tasks. Through living simply, eating deliciously, enjoying the outdoors, and pursuing things you love I truly believe you can find yourself living your fullest life. If you are someone who is frequently bummed about how things are going in your life and desperately searching for a better way to live, then honey I’ve made this place for you!

What I want to provide you with are words of encouragement that, hey, you are doing okay friend! I strive to help you have a more positive outlook on life, and provide tips on how to make each day a little better through your life’s journey. My hope is that you will feel there is someone else out there who gets you, who understands that #thestruggleisreal when it comes to living out your passions, but that you do have it in you to make it happen. I tend to write posts regarding Christian faith, health and wellness, and some personal tidbits about my journey to a full heart, full belly, and full soul.

But I want this place to be for YOU, so why the heck should you listen to what I have to say? 

Like most people, I’m just an average Joe (or Joe-ette). I’m no snowflake, I don’t have any important abbreviations behind my name. I’m just like you, so hopefully you feel you can relate, and that my words resonate with you in some way.

Since I was a youngster I enjoyed writing and other creative pursuits. As I grew older, life got in the way of my passions. Entering college as an English major, not sure how exactly to pursue my interest of writing, I took one British Literature course and said “screw this!” The material did not interest me, and the professor was discouraging at best. I switched gears completely, and went into healthcare. I have done work as a recreational therapist helping people in the areas of mental, emotional, and social well-being. I later returned to school to pursue physical therapy, and currently work as a physical therapist assistant. Though I enjoy my job, have some kick-butt coworkers, and experience fulfillment from helping people return to their highest level of function I feel there is something more I am supposed to do with this beautiful life. Writing has always been in the back of my brain, pulling at my heart strings, reminding me that maybe that pursuit has not quite run it’s course yet. So here I am, without any formal training, but a passion to influence others to go out and create their best life imaginable.

Join Me!

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My parents took us kids out fishing all the time when we were little, and I think this is where my love for the outdoors began (even though I fell in the lake when I was 3)!

I will eat nutella right out of the jar #noshame

I can play the piano upside down.

I started as an English major in college, but switched to healthcare so I could help people.

I love classic country music, especially some Merle Haggard!

I hit a homer off a terrible at-bat when I was about 10, but it ended up being the game-winning hit.

I learned to der hunt when I was 25, and got my first buck my first year out.

Chocolate and coffee-2 things I will not compromise.

And wine, did I mention wine?

It took 7 months after meeting before my husband and I went on our first date (I love telling that story).

I’m a sucker for a good corny joke.

I’m a hunter, a meat-eater, but do love me some yoga to zen-out.

I’ve seen Def Leppard twice in concert.

I LOVE pasta and all things carbs.

Jesus lover, first and always.

I have a (possibly unhealthy) attachment to my chocolate lab, Bryan, and annoyingly post pictures of him frequently.

I’m super cheap. Seriously, the cd player in my jeep has been broken for over a year because it’s not essential to the function of it, so why pay to get it fixed?

I’m a bit of an old-soul and appreciate all things vintage or old-fashioned.

My first concert ever was Destiney’s Child (and it was AWESOME)!

Miranda Lambert is seriously my girl.

I would love to learn to garden, and have failed miserably in the past at my green thumb (though I was a green hand in FFA in high school).