“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

I’m sure you have all heard this old saying before. We know it to be true, but sometimes giving it real-world application is difficult.

When times are tough or at times when something is said or done that offends us our initial instinct is to strike back. We want the party who did the offending to hear our side of things, and we often use poor language and offending tones to get our point across. But how does this make us any better than the offending party? Do we really think that responding in this way is going to make the other party suddenly see our point and switch sides with us? I can almost guarantee that any time an issue is responded to in this manner it will only breed anger, angst, and further separation amongst individuals.

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In light of the recent tragedies that have struck our nation I have seen many posts and comments on social media of people expressing their opinions. Some use political views to get their point across, some use differences in religious beliefs, and others use profanity and put-downs to express their opinions. Maybe it is just my view, but I see a huge flaw in this.

Expressing your opinions and views with hatred in any way is not going to convince the opposing party that you are right.

If anything, it will push them away even more. Yes, I understand that we all have a right to our own opinions, and that we live in America where we can express our opinions freely. But if you truly want to have your voice heard and make an impact on society you have to be tactful.

I certainly encourage everyone to stick up for their beliefs and principles, but be mindful of how you go about this. If you simply are angry and want to vent, and this is the main purpose of your Facebook rant, then go ahead and do so as you please. However, do not expect anybody with a different opinion than you to be swayed to think the way you do as a result.

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If you want to make real change, express your opinions respectfully and be open to discussion.

Too often we try to make our opinions heard by pointing fingers, name-calling, and using profanity. Do we really think this is going to get people who’s opinions are different than ours to change their minds and side with us? It makes no sense, yet we see it all the time.

In light of the recent tragedies that have affected our communities and our nation, I call you all to respond with love and support first. Set aside your political views, your religious and cultural differences, and pull it together. People who commit such crimes WANT to see us become divided and fight amongst ourselves. Do not let them win anymore than they already have. I do not care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or even atheist. As citizens of the U.S. we are all living here together. We are supposed to have differing opinions and viewpoints; that is what makes America what it is. It’s time we accept this and come together in compromise to make the best decisions and influence in our country that we can. Come together folks, if there was ever a time to do so it is now.

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