Being unproductive can be the most productive thing you do for yourself.

With our busy schedules and never-ending “to-do” lists, making time to do things we enjoy is difficult. Many people may think finding time to do things for themselves is too hard, frivolous, or selfish. We may feel spending money and time doing things we enjoy is a luxury rather than an essential part of self-care.

Neglecting our own needs may seem unselfish, but this can be the worst thing we do to ourselves. It’s been said that you can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. If you’re not taking care of your own well-being then your work suffers, your family suffers, and you physical health suffers. Rather than feeling guilty for putting yourself first, re-frame your ideas about having fun. Look at the positive things that come out of taking time to enjoy life.

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Doing things you enjoy increases your sense of fulfillment.

Taking time to do things you enjoy will increase your feelings of life-satisfaction. Think back to when you were a kid, what types of things did you do for fun? Try to bring yourself back to a time before life’s complications got in the way. Though they may seem childish now, think about how you can rediscover these fun things as an adult. There is a market for this stuff nowadays: adult coloring books, wine and paint parties, workshops on learning how to build or refinish furniture, cooking classes. There’s all sorts of options out there for us adults to pursue fun stuff again!

Rediscovering these interests will no doubt be fun, and you may discover a talent you didn’t know you had. Figuring out all the new ways you can be awesome will also increase your self-confidence. Studies show that learning new skills creates new pathways in the brain, improving our brain’s health. Discovering new interests and hobbies can also introduce you to new people that you have things in common with. There’s always room for new friends and cool people in your life. Discovering our talents, making new friends, and taking time to enjoy life; this crazy stuff adds up to a happier and more fulfilled you! you are truly unique, take the time to uncover how amazing you are.

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Enhance your job performance.

There are always new studies coming out that point out more time and energy spent at work results in less happiness overall. Furthermore, more time spent at work does not correlate with improved productivity at work. When we feel our lives revolve around our jobs and we don’t make an effort to create a better work-life balance we end up unhappy in our personal lives. While at work, we tend to be unhappy and stressed, leading us to slack off and have a poorer job performance.

Instead, while off the clock make more time to pursue what you enjoy. When you feel you’re making more time to do things you want, you will likely feel more invigorated and ready to go back to work when Monday rolls around. Making time for fun can make us feel like our lives DON’T just revolve around work. If you don’t like your job, this can be particularly important for your overall well-being. This creates a better work-life balance, resulting in more satisfaction at your job. When you feel your life is more balanced and you aren’t filled with so much dread about your job, your energy levels increase resulting in more productivity. If you’re more productive then hell, you may be able to get that raise or promotion you’re gunning for. More fun = salary raise? Talk about a snowball effect!

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Happy Wife = Happy Life

We’ve all heard this old saying. This kinda goes back to my first point – you can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. If you’re unhappy, how can you make your spouse happy? I know when I’m in a bad mood, by husband doesn’t want to be around me. Nobody wants to be around a grump. Take the time to do things you love, make yourself happier, and your spouse will be happier with you. You are the one person in the world your spouse should be able to rely on to welcome him home and make him feel loved. If you are unhappy all the time, coming home isn’t much of a relaxing respite.

Remember how I said discovering new talents and interests helps you discover your awesomeness? Show your spouse all your awesomeness too! Remind him of the amazing gal he married. Continuously surprising him can keep things fresh in the relationship. Better yet, invite him to try one of your hobbies with you. You may discover a hobby you both enjoy, something you can do together that will bring you closer and enhance your relationship. This is what happened when my husband offered to teach me how to bow hunt. I ended up liking it, and now it’s something fun we do together. He has fun teaching me the ropes, and I feel empowered by mastering a new skill (though I’m definitely no Eva Shockey)!

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Take some time today to think about the things that bring you joy, things you enjoyed as a child. Brainstorm how you can start pursuing these things as an adult, and how you can carve out time in your schedule to do them. Investing time in yourself and your well-being is an investment in other areas of your life, your job, and even your marriage. I promise, doing so will bring you more fulfillment, joy, and peace. Remind yourself of all the ways you are amazing and unique. Because you undoubtedly are. You are worth the investment!


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