The Lord will never give you more than you can handle.

Good ole’ Dad. Words to live by. I visited my parents last weekend, and after a long and stressful week the comfort of Mom and Dad’s love was just what I needed. You see, I had been feeling down about myself for not keeping up with things better. I felt incompetent and slow at my job, the house was a wreck, and I was feeling too exhausted and discouraged to do much about it. I’ve spoken on this before, and even though I encourage everyone to always remember they are doing better than they think they are I have trouble believing this myself. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, how late I stayed up, I could not stay on-top of housework. Which left me feeling tired the next day and performing sub-par at my day-job. I’m surrounded by brilliant and hard-working women at my job who have kids, and they seem to always be on top of everything. Why couldn’t I be?

Anyway, I was pouring my little heart out to my parents about this. They sat silently and patiently listened to my moping and frustrations, like they have always done all my life. My mother responded with statements of understanding and, “Believe me, I know how that feels. I felt that way a lot when raising you kids and working.” Her words of understanding comforted me and reassured me that there surely are others who feel the same way. But then, it was what my dad said that really resonated with me. “The good Lord will never give you more than you can handle.”

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Wow! How easily we can forget this. If the Lord loves us so much that he is willing to give his only son to die for our sins, then why do we think He would give us more than we can handle? If He loves us that much then there is no way he would overwhelm us with a bunch of nonsense to clutter our days and make us lose our minds. The Lord would not do this to us. He gives us only what we can handle, and if we trust in Him and pray about it we will get to it all.

If we do not get to it all, then we can trust that it is not as important as we think it is.

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Those dishes are not going anywhere, so it is ok if they don’t get done because we want to sit with our husbands and watch Netflix (or if you’re in my house, the hunting channel)! The laundry will be there tomorrow to put away, but the dog needs some love and attention tonight because tomorrow we will be at work all day. If these trivial things do not get done, we are not failing. We have to prioritize what is important to us to make each day the most fulfilled it can be.

I have been trying to embrace this in the last week and put the theory to practice. When I get home from work, I try not to sit down for too long so I can get things done that are a priority at the moment. But, I try to make sure to spend time relaxing at the end of the night so I do not get too burned-out. This time spent relaxing should not be looked upon as time wasted, but rather time our souls need to rest and rejuvenate. Spend this time doing something good for it, whatever that may mean for you. For me, typically it is a Bible study, reading a blog post, playing with the dog, and snuggling up to my husband. For you it could look totally different. For you it could be something more active like exercise, or perhaps doing the dishes (I hear some people find this cathartic, but for me listening to the dishwasher do the work is cathartic)!

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Whatever provides you with a little bit of rest and peacefulness in your life, make time for it.

This should be as much of a priority as brushing your teeth every day. If our hearts are not at peace, our souls not at rest, and our minds a cluster of negativity, then how can we expect to carry-out the important things of the day with meaningful purpose? I know, you can’t just tell yourself to relax and then you’ll automatically relax. I am under no illusion that things work this way. The biggest thing we can do, and the most overlooked perhaps, is pray about it. Spill your heart out to God, dump all your worries, struggles, aggravations onto Him. That is what He is there for, He wants us to do this! No matter how trivial or small your problems may seem compared to the problems of the world, and Lord knows there are plenty of those, He wants us to hand over those burdens for Him to take care of.

Don’t be shy about it, He already knows these struggles anyway so might as well ask for help with them. Whether it be praying for your husband to get the dishes done for you (miracles do happen!) or simply for today to be a better day than yesterday was, pray to Him about it. Ask him to answer your prayers. And if they are not answered in the way you think they should be, then you can have relief that there is a good reason for it. There is something better for you, and a purpose for you to go through these struggles. Be rest assured that what will be will be, and if it doesn’t occur then it’s not meant to be. God will not forsake you. Trust in Him and feel free to leave those dirty dishes for tomorrow!




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