Long Time No See!

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After SEVERAL weeks of not posting anything, I am ready to sit down and write a new post. A post to close one door and open another. With spring upon us, I have been trying to make the most of the nice weather and free time I have been blessed with lately. After a whirlwind of a year last year, I have so been enjoying my social schedule (or lack there-of). It has allowed me to get some things done around my home, enjoy the nice weather, and just do some things for myself and my family.





Having said this, I am concluding my resolutions for the new year. I made several, had ups and downs trying to maintain them, and now feel I have made enough good new habits out of these resolutions to be satisfied with my progress. It became difficult after so many to keep up with them. Heck, to remember all of them was a challenge sometimes! So I took some time to try to really nail them down, and I am happy to say I have kept up with almost ALL of them. The one I have not been so good about it playing with Bryan every morning before work. I often will play with him some, but not necessarily for a full 15 minutes. But, he has been such a good boy lately that we have been letting him rule the house while we are gone at work. Not leaving him cooped up in a cage all day makes me not feel so guilty about not playing with him before work. Instead, I just make a point to play with him each day, at least to some extent.



All of my other resolutions I feel I have made good habits out of. My most recent was doing at least one household task every day. Even on my long days when I work until 7:00 and them have gymnastics after that (more on that later!) I still get home around 9:30 and find time to get SOMETHING done. Whether it’s put a few dishes away, take out the trash, or put clothes in the hamper, doing at least one chore a day has helped to keep my house cleaner in general. Come Friday after work I no longer feel the dread of coming home to a messy house. It is in decent shape, and I do not spend as much of my weekend cleaning! This leaves more time for the important things, making my life feel more fulfilled and balanced.

So, now that my resolutions are complete for the year, what will I be posting about you may be wondering? The answer: anything I want! I do enjoy detailing parts of my life on here. Writing has given me a creative outlet, and a place to share fun things about my life that is a different medium than social media sites. My hope for any readers of this blog is to give you some fun and entertaining posts, and perhaps some inspiration on living a fulfilled and balanced life. Seeing as how I enjoy cooking, I would like to post more recipes on here. I have begun preparations for hunting season, so maybe I can provide some motivation for any aspiring female hunters! I hope to post more frequently (once every several weeks just ain’t gonna cut it, I know).

It is the busy time of year with graduations, reunions, weddings, and parties galore. So, my little piece of advice is to enjoy it! It can be stressful, but you can also make a conscious effort to manage your stress and enjoy every minute of it. We should all be so thankful our lives are filled with wonderful people we love and care about to share these occasions with. Hope you all enjoy, and talk at ya soon!

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