March Madness

I have lots to catch you up with on here! March was a fairly busy month actually between weekend activities and two of my friends having babies, the month has just flown by. Let me start from the beginning…..

My friend Emily had a leap-year baby! I have never really been around babies much, so I was admittedly a bit nervous to hold baby Landon. But Emily assured me I wouldn’t hurt him, and now I look forward to stealing some snuggles from this stud muffin each time I visit!






That following weekend, I went up north to visit my good friend Ali for her baby shower. She showed me the baby’s room decorated with a firefighter theme, we went shopping in Rockford, and had an amazing breakfast buffet at the state park up her way. I’m happy to say the glowing mother-to-be pictured below had a healthy baby boy named Will later in the month!


So happy for two of my dearest friends! Another new addition came into the family, but this was a furry one. My in-laws got a golden retriever girl named Izzy. She is so tiny and adorable! Loves belly rubs and being held. Can’t wait for her and Bryan to become best friends!




My birthday was this month also! I had a great 28th birthday (closer to 30 than 20, yikes)! The weekend before my birthday Derek took me out to dinner at Nando Milano’s, a new Italian restaurant downtown Champaign. It was VERY authentic, and we felt a bit lost when looking at the menu, but the servers were very nice and explained what everything was and offered recommendations. We had bread and oil with green olives as an appetizer, Caesar and Caprese salads (FYI-the caprese salad is not similar to a “regular house salad,” haha!), and Derek had salmon and I had gnocchi with truffles. These dishes are not like any Italian food we were used to, but they were delicious! We topped off dinner with a shared Tiramisu, one of my favorite desserts! The restaurant had a beautiful ambiance, friendly service, and delicious food. It is pricey, so probably will save this restaurant only for very special occasions, but I highly recommend!

On my birthday, my hubby was out of town, so my mom and I went pickin’ (antiquing)! We went to Timeless Treasures, Corner Consignment, and Antiques and More in Champaign and Savoy. I got a few good steals, and my mom really enjoyed reminiscing over all the fun items we came across. My Grandma Sitte had this exact tin that she kept cookies and Little Debbie snacks in. It reminded me of sneaking some sweets out of it with my siblings and cousins before dinner hit the table at family get-togethers.


We went to Sunsinger in Champaign for a late lunch, one of our favorite places. The food is always delicious, and I wish I had a million bucks so I could buy all sorts of wine, wine products, and chocolates that they sell there! Later that night, some friends came over for dinner. I made a pot roast in the crockpot and baked mac-and-cheese. It was pretty delicious if I do say so myself! I had a great time visiting with my gal pals also, thanks Andrea, Lindsey, and Sam for celebrating with me!

In order not to overwhelm you with too much info in one post, I will update you on my resolutions progress in another post. I promise the next one will come out much sooner than this last one! Thanks for dropping in all!

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