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So, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. I’ll admit, I was having a bit of writer’s block last week, plus a lull in motivation to post anything. Though these issues have not totally resolved, I told myself that I am going to post something regardless. Thank you to one of my friends (you know who you are!) for letting me know how much you enjoy reading my blog. It helped give me the boost I needed to start this weeks post. Sometimes, I think motivation for writing does not always occur until you actually begin to write. Then the ideas begin to flow. Also, just like with all of my resolutions I have committed to writing a blog, and I need to follow through with that commitment. So here I am, two weeks later, one paragraph in, and I already feel the creative juices beginning to flow! Before I get into it though, I must share my weekly pics of my pup (my hubby is thrown in there this week as well :))



First one I believe is a picture of some Valentine’s Day snuggles. The second is checking out the beautiful views from Bryan’s favorite window. Now those are two best friends!

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed a couple of weeks ago with all of the resolutions I have made so far. Trying to remember what they all were every day, making the time to do them each day, and figuring out how I am going to keep up with them all realizing I was only 1.5 months into the year! So, I decided to give myself a bit of a break and did not make a resolution last week. Instead, I focused on doing the resolutions I have already made, and really trying to create habits out of them. As a result, I feel many of them have become habitual. Others are still somewhat difficult, such as being sure I wake up early enough to play with Bryan for the previously set amount of time each day. I am coming to accept that some of these resolutions may always be a challenge to complete on a regular basis. Some things are just not as easy or fun to keep up with (though playing with Bryan is a ton of fun)! That’s just the way it is, with all things. You just have to remember to put on your big girl pants and get it done regardless!


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These last 2 weeks I feel I have definitely made brushing my teeth every night a habit, and washing my face each night is becoming more of a habit all the time. I have not been getting up early enough each Wednesday and Friday morning to play with Bryan before work, so I have been making that into 30 minutes in the evenings when I get home. My most recent resolution of strength training three times a week and doing yoga twice a week has been going well! I am feeling the benefits of this habit as I have less joint and muscle pain after a long workday, which I am sure is a combination of strengthening my leg muscles and stretching them so they do not cramp or become tight. My balance during yoga has improved also, and I have been able to do more difficult poses! I am always showing off to Derek saying, “Look what I can do! (reference to Stuart on MadTV anyone?) Can you do this? Don’t you think it’s cool I can do this?” I can tell my legs have gotten stronger also as I am not nearly as sore as I was starting out. My hard work is already paying off!


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Starting this past weekend, I have decided on my next resolution. I decided I have probably built up enough lower-extremity strength to begin running. If I am going to run this 5K in April I had better begin actually running! Rather than keeping track of mileage, I am just going to train by the minutes I run. I am starting off running for just 10 minutes each time I train. Running has never been a strong area for me, whether for leisure or athletics. Starting at just 10 minutes is a short enough amount of time that I can squeeze it into a busy day, making me more motivated to continue with it each week. Also, my intention was to ward off a significant amount of soreness, but that definitely did not happen as it is two days later and it is still difficult to walk down the stairs! However, my knees and hips did not hurt after running, which means my strength training must be working! I plan on strength training after running each session, so I will run and strength train three times per week and continue to do yoga twice a week. This is definitely going to be a difficult habit to create, and I will be honest, I do not know how long this will take me to feel like it is habitual. But, as when starting any new habit, you have to start somewhere. So here we go, here’s to sore legs and tight buns!

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