Money Can Buy Happiness

Last Tuesday evening was coming about like any other average Tuesday evening in my household. I put supper on the stove, my fiancé greeted me with a kiss when he got home from work, I was gearing up to pull weeds in the garden, and he stated his friend Josh was on his way to pick him up so he could help him with some house project. When he informed me the house project was finishing building a pergola at Josh’s house, I questioned him because I thought they had finished it 3 weeks ago. Derek stated, “Well, he needs help putting some lights up around it. Or something. I don’t know…….” I found this odd as well, as Josh is a lineman (as is Derek), and setting up some lights would be like an artist completing a paint-by-number; a very simple task for either of these guys. However, I only questioned this for a brief moment and then went about with my evening tasks. Josh pulled up shortly after and off Derek went. Josh’s girlfriend was in the truck with him, which I also thought was odd. Why did she come with Josh just to pick Derek up? Oh well, I thought, she probably had to run an errand and figured Josh could quickly stop off for that on his way to pick Derek up. Again, only questioned this for a brief moment, ran Derek’s phone out to him once I realized he left it on the counter, and waved him good-bye.

Shortly after, I headed to the garden to pull weeds. We had a couple people stop by to get things from the shed and visit with Derek, so I informed them he was gone and visited for a short bit. Once I was nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes, I called it quits in the garden and headed inside for a shower. Once out of the shower, I had a text from Derek asking, “Where are you?” I stated I had just gotten out of the shower. A few minutes later, I heard a truck pull in. Derek then called and asked me to come unlock the door (whoops, I always lock him out!), but when I unlocked it nobody came in. I opened the door to see Derek standing by Josh’s truck and he said, “We will be right in.” So I returned to the bathroom to finish my nightly routine. I heard Derek come in the back door, he asked if I was decent because Josh and his girlfriend were there, I replied yes and continued applying my face lotion, and then he appeared. The living room was dark and the bathroom I was in was lit up, so it was difficult to decipher at first. But as Derek approached me with a big smile on his face, I noticed he was carrying something in his arms. Something small and brown. And it was looking at me.


It was this little furry bundle of joy! WE GOT A PUPPY!!! My face lit up, a huge smile grew on my face, and I dropped my jaw in total surprise. “Oh my gosh, a puppy!” I exclaimed. “Is it ours???” I had to be sure this was for real before I got too excited. Derek laughed and said, “Yes, he’s ours.” Josh and his girlfriend were behind Derek with their puppy that they got from the same litter, and I noticed a bright light as Beth took a snap of my astonished and excited reaction. To follow was a bit of playtime outside in our backyard with a few visitors who knew Derek was doing this, and a hundred questions from me to Derek. “How long have you been planning this? Where did you get him? Have you named him yet? Who all knew you were doing this?” His answers were, in this order, “About a couple months, a place in Lovington, IL, I would like you to help me name him, and pretty much everybody knew about this.” The rest of the night was full of cuddles for the new puppy, and lots of hugs and kisses for my sweet fiancé.


That first night was one of the best so far with our puppy. Not just because of the excitement, but because he was kind of scared and did not want to be put down. He just wanted to be right against you the whole night. He laid on my chest for a while as Derek was unloading the new doggie supplies (crate, food, etc.) he had gotten. Then, it was Derek’s turn to steal some cuddles from the pup.

It has been just over a week since we got him. It makes me a bit sad because I know he is going to grow so fast! But it has been a week of learning and love, and a lot of work!

He has already grown quite a bit!


Taken a few car rides…….

IMG_1211 IMG_1188







Gotten some new toys which he loves to play with…….








And taken lots and lots of naps.




I have always ALWAYS wanted a puppy, and thanks to my incredibly sweet fiancé I have one! Derek has always liked Golden Retrievers (who doesn’t?!), but I had told him I have always really liked chocolate labs. So since he got the kind of dog I wanted I told him he should choose the name. He chose the name Bryan. No, he is not named after the dog on “Family Guy,” but that would be funny! Derek came up with the name from the movie “Sweet Home Alabama,” because the old hound-dog’s name is Bryan. I think he looks like a Bryan, don’t you? And thus comes the quote, “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never got a dog.”

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