Oreo Trifle Cake

I found this recipe on Pinterest (the source of ALL my recipes!) and could not resist! Forget, the fact that I have to fit into a wedding dress soon, I’m going to consume about half of this thing. Seriously, it is soooooo good! All the creamy, chocolatey, sugary goodness combines in such a way to create the greatest thing you can create with an Oreo cookie. Besides, I know my fiancĂ© loves all things Oreo, so I had to make this to please my man.

Ok, first thing first. Ingredients:

1 package of double stuffed Oreo cookies
3/4 stick of butter, melted
1 5.9 oz. package of instant chocolate pudding
2 3/4 Cup milk
16 oz. heavy whipping cream
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 Cup powdered sugar
2 Tbsp granulated sugar

To begin, crush the entire package of Oreos. If you have a food processor (like the one I just got for my bridal shower and is super handy) you can crush them in that on high speed.





Once crushed, set aside 1 cup of cookie crumbles for later use. Mix the remaining cookie crumbles in a bowl with the melted butter. Once combined, press the cookie crumble mixture into the bottom of a small baking dish (8×8 inch or 9×13 inch works great).


Next, we will make the pudding. Dump the contents of the pudding mix into a medium bowl. Add the milk, and stir with a spoon or whisk until fully combined (about 5 minutes). Mixture should slightly thicken as you continue to combine ingredients. Once combined, cover with seran-wrap and refrigerate at least 1 hour.


My favorite part, the cream! I finally got to break in my brand-spankin’-new Kitchen Aid Mixer, pictured below. It was a gift from my mom for my bridal shower (she even got it in my favorite color, purple! Thanks again Mom)! Pour 8 oz. of heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl, and beat on high until soft peaks form. Once whipped cream is formed, add cream cheese and powdered sugar into bowl. Mix on medium to medium-high until all ingredients are combined. Note: when mixing the 3 ingredients, start on a low speed to allow the powdered sugar to combine with the rest of the ingredients, otherwise you will have powdered sugar all over (learned this the hard way).


Spread the cream layer evenly on top of the Oreo crumble crust. Once pudding has been refrigerated for 1 hour, spread it on top of the cream layer.

If you haven’t already, clean out the mixing bowl you used to mix the cream layer. Pour the remaining 8 oz. of heavy whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of sugar into mixing bowl. Beat on high until soft peaks form. Spread this layer on top of pudding layer. Note: Use a metal icing/frosting knife that you would use for a cake. The whipped cream wants to stick to the pudding easily, and using this knife will help it to glide on smoothly and evenly.

If desired, sprinkle the remaining Oreo cookie crumbles on top of the cake for garnish. Plus, the extra texture is pleasing to the palate! I forgot to reserve the extra cookie crumble for garnish, so that is why it is not pictured here.


There you have it! Taking one of your favorite cookies of all time and incorporating it with other sweet, indulgent ingredients to create a smooth dessert. Perfect for these hot summer days. Enjoy!

Note: Original recipe can be found at http://southernbite.com/2010/10/27/oreo-delight/

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