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……..right along! My second resolution has been another success for me! But before I get to that I wanted to share a couple random things.

In case you are interested, the skin care products I use are the Mary Kay Clearproof Acne Defense line. I use the face wash and moisturizer every night, the medicated spot treatment as needed on blemishes, and the toner at night. However, I don’t use the toner every night as my skin tends to be dry and sensitive, and using this every night can irritate my skin. In the morning, I actually use a Norwex facial cloth and the Clearproof moisturizer. I won the Norwex facial cloth at a Norwex party that my coworker was hosting. If you’re not familiar with the Norwex products, their cloths have silver embedded in them which has been proven to kill bacteria. I figure, since I won this thing for free, I’ll just use it in the mornings along with the moisturizer. This will cut down on the time it takes for me to get ready in the mornings. Plus, sometimes even using a cleanser twice a day dries my skin out too much, so just using the Norwex cloth still cleanses but without drying me out so much. I really like it actually!


One thing I would like to begin posting more on here is recipes. Since college, I have enjoyed learning to cook and trying new recipes. I was pretty rusty at first, my old roomies can attest to the times I would set the smoke alarm off. I have gotten pretty good at cooking nowadays! I’m no gourmet chef by any means, but I do enjoy trying new recipes and serving them to family and friends to test out. Be looking for me to post this delicious strawberry cream pie recipe. It’s super easy and quick. Creamy and satisfying, yet light enough after a large meal.


If there’s one thing I’m not particularly good at, it is crafting. Crafting seems to be kind of a fad these days, but I never have gotten much into it. If I did, I don’t think I would be very good at it either. I have seen some things on Pinterest that look kind of fun and interesting to make, so I decided to have a try at one. After my wedding, my mother-in-law cut the flowers from the stems in my bouquet, put them in silica gel, and dried them out for me. I am JUST now getting around to actually doing with them what I had in mind. I made a shadow box with my wedding flowers in it. I saw this on Pinterest (of course), and thought it was such a cool idea. How long do most brides think about, pick out, meet about the flowers for their wedding bouquet? Only to have it wither and be dead by the time they have returned from their honeymoon. It seems such a shame that these beautiful arrangements are only enjoyed for one day. Now I can display them wherever I would like in my home and enjoy them for years to come! Though I did my best to shake all of the silica gel out of them, I can tell I didn’t get it all. Nonetheless, I think it turned out alright for a not-so-crafty crafter!


Alright, on to the resolutions! As I said, my second resolution has been successful! I have been washing my face every night before I go to bed. There was one night I did not, and again it was because I had a really bad headache and could not bring myself to do anything before crashing into bed. What is with these headaches anyway? Other than that one night, every night for two weeks I went through my skin care regimen. One night was quite difficult in particular. My husband, our dog, and I fell asleep on the couch watching television. When we woke in the middle of the night I just wanted to crawl up the stairs and cozy on up in my bed. Despite my urgent need to fall back into a deep sleep (again, this girl loves her sleep!) I forced myself into the bathroom, removed my eye make-up, washed my face with my cleanser, put moisturizer on, applied my spot treatment, and brushed my teeth (still going strong on that one). The fact that I kept up with this resolution despite the fact that I was tired, which has been the main reason for me not creating this habit years ago, gave me confidence and a boost of momentum to keep going with it. Not only to keep up with this resolution, but to continue to make new ones that I will follow.

Normally when I fall off the band wagon trying to make a new habit like this I would say, “Screw it, I’ll pick back up with it tomorrow.” But then, a snowball reaction occurs. Tomorrow comes and I say, “Well I already screwed up so maybe I should just start again next week. A new week, a fresh start.” Then can you guess what happens? Yep, next week comes and I decide I don’t really care that much. I forget all about my aspirations to create good habits, and then several weeks or months later I decide to try again. Inevitably the cycle starts again, and I fail to follow through with my good intentions.

The difference this time, I believe, is in my mindset. This time, I somehow managed to create this mindset that I would, without a doubt, no matter what, make these changes. I think that is the secret to being successful in making any kind of change; getting into the right mindset. Maybe it’s not much of a secret, it’s extremely nonspecific actually. But I think as individuals we have to make a very conscious choice that whatever change we want to make we are going to make it happen, no matter what obstacles come our way. For instance, I could have thrown in the towel after the one night I did not wash my face due to my headache. I could have said, “Welp, I screwed up. Forget it.” But I let go of the idea of perfectionism, started over the next day, and kept up with my resolution very well. There are always obstacles in the way of our goals. One night, I was at my parents very late because my car broke down. I could have told myself it was late at night, I had a heck of a day, I am going to go home and go straight to bed. On the weekends I could say that I stayed up too late and am too tired, I’ve got plenty of time to wash my face in the morning. There is always an excuse we can use to forego our goals. But is it worth it? When all else fails I tell myself to suck it up and just do it. I’ve made this commitment, I need to see it through. Though you may not feel like doing something, I guarantee you will never regret doing it anyway if it is going to make a positive change in your life. You will, however, almost always regret not doing it.

Speaking of failing goals, I did have a slight hiccup. As this goal of washing my face was going so well, I decided to add in another mini-resolution as I felt I could handle it at the time. If you remember, the first two weeks my mini-resolution was to brush my teeth every night before bed. The recent one I attempted to make was to begin strength training for my legs and hips three times a week. Partially in preparation for the Christie Clinic 5K I am going to run, and also just for general health and wellness. I strength trained twice in one week, not exactly what my goal was. So, rather than chalk it up as a total loss I decided to make this my third resolution of the year. Except I took it one step further. I will strength train three times a week and do yoga twice a week. I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of years now and find it super relaxing. I love the sensation of my muscles stretching, plus I’m super impressed with myself when I can perform a new pose. I can’t do anything really awesome like a handstand (though I’d love to learn!), but I love the relaxation, strength, and flexibility benefits to gain from it. So far this week, I have been really good about this resolution. I am posting this post a few days later than I intended, so hopefully I will have a good update for you in a few days! Cheer me on folks, exercise is a tough one for me. I can use all the support I can get!

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