Take Time To Be With Your Man-The Small and Simple Moments

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Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far, I know I sure have! My husband and I have been spending a lot of time together, which has been so wonderful. As I’m sure you all know, carving out quality time with your hubby can be a challenge. Even if you are like us and don’t have kids, there still seems to always be something that pulls us away from each other.

There can be a thousand different things fighting for your attention; jobs, kids, family, that never-ending to-do list. Though there are certain things that we haaaaave to get done, spending time with your man should be at the top of your priority list. The relationship you have with your husband is the most important human relationship you have, so taking care of this relationship should be of utmost importance. How do you make it happen though with all of these other responsibilities pulling you in every-which way?

marriage advice, young wives, creating intimacy, christian marriages

Be Intentional

Though planning trips and vacations are great things to do with your husband, spending quality time together does not have to be a big to-do. When you have difficulty finding several hours to set aside for just the two of you, you have to get creative. Creative as in how you spend your time together, and in how you view “quality time.” As long as you and your man are enjoying each other’s company, it’s quality time. Expensive dinners and fancy dresses are not a requirement.

Often my husband and I are busy with housework and home projects on Saturdays. One of our favorite things to do is go get ice cream together. It may not be a full-on date, but we make a thing of it. We hop in the truck, let the dog ride with his head out the window, and enjoy the country scenery while listening to some country music on the way there. The whole trip may only be 30 minutes, but it sometimes is the best 30 minutes out of my day because I get to spend it with him.

With my husband’s every-changing work schedule, I often do not know if he will be home for dinner or not. Sometimes we just kind of scrounge for whatever is in the house. Because of this, I have found cooking for him to be a special way for me to show my love. When I know we will be together for dinner I make an effort to cook a decent dinner. With meat, vegetables, and everything! And we actually sit down and enjoy a meal together. Dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, you just have to make it with love (insert sappy “awwww” here).

marriage advice, young wives, creating intimacy, christian marriages

Give Your Man What He Needs

It is common in a relationship to think about all of your own needs, and figure out ways to be sure they are met. I know I am guilty of this at times myself. But to nurture a close relationship with your husband, don’t forget that he has needs too. And I’m not just talking about the physical ones, though those are important! Every man has different ways in which he feels loved, so we must make sure we are providing the type of love he thrives on.

If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages” I would highly recommend it as it can give you great insight on how to best show love to your spouse specifically. Some men feel most loved through positive affirmation. Verbalizing how much you appreciate them, admire them, or find them attractive are some of the ways to make this type of man feel loved. Other men may find that acts of service are how they feel most loved. Ask your man, “what can I do to help you today?” and then do that. It’s that simple. And yes, some men feel most loved by physical touch. This is not exclusive to rolling around in the hay. Simple things such as patting their shoulder when you walk by him, brushing your hand against his, or scratching his back for a few seconds even is enough to show him affection throughout the day.

marriage advice, young wives, creating intimacy, christian marriages

Nurture It And Watch It Grow

When we take care of our marriages properly, we will see them grow and thrive. Take time to show your man how much you love him in whatever way he feels most loved. Find everyday moments to create quality time together. A little intentional effort every day can make a world of difference. Last, and most importantly, pray over your marriage. God knows exactly what your marriage needs better than anybody. Communicating to Him your desires and concerns will better help you understand what to do to nurture a thriving marriage. You will begin to see how you and your man grow closer to each other, become more in-tune with each other’s needs, and experience growing intimacy. Be intentional. Make a moment today with your husband to draw nearer to him, and see how your intentional acts of love help your marriage thrive. Don’t be too proud ladies, let’s take care of our men!

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